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Creating Career Pathways for Amazon Associates

International AeroTech Academy is a proud educational partner of Amazon's Career Choice program!

As an educator in the Amazon Career Choice partner network, we deliver on Amazon's commitment to providing employees with best-in-class support on their path to career success at Amazon or elsewhere.

Together, we are committed to providing excellent education, job placement resources, and a diverse and supportive student experience.

InternationalAeroTechAcademy aligns program offerings to internal roles and career pathways, offering opportunities for employees to pursue their careers. Eligible employees have the opportunity to advance their education and career with Amazon Career Choice and International AeroTech Academy.

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What is Amazon Career Choice?

Amazon's Career Choice program is an education benefit that empowers Amazon employees to learn new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere.

Amazon provides a variety of education and upskilling opportunities, including pre-paid college tuition, industry certifications designed to lead to in-demand jobs, and foundational skills such as English language, high school diplomas, and GEDs.

What programs can I take with IATA?

Our program is comprised of three courses:


The general course provides you with the basis to develop your skills including: Aerodynamics, electricity, regulations, how to read drawings and schematics, basic physics and maintenance forms and records.


At the conclusion of the courses, you will take FAA written and practical examinations and be awarded your license. For a full list of our courses, Click Here.

How to apply?

  1. Fill out the interest form below, and someone will reach out to you to help you apply to IATA. Note: This step must be completed before applying to Career Choice.
  2. Visit Career Choice on A to Z to submit a payment request for your chosen school and program.
  3. Once your application is approved, Amazon pays IATA directly!

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