‘Aircraft can’t move without them’: Amazon paying for workers to become plane maintenance techs. Tuition for the two-year program is completely paid.

By DigiSquid | October 18, 2023

LAKELAND, Fla. — Amazon keeps expanding its footprint at Lakeland Linder International Airport with several flights in and out every day now. But to keep those airplanes flying, the company realizes it needs pilots and airplane mechanics — both of which are in short supply and high demand. So now, the mega-retailer is working with […]

Amazon Launches Aviation Maintenance Program

By DigiSquid | October 18, 2023

E-commerce giant Amazon has joined widespread efforts to grow the aviation maintenance workforce pipeline. It has partnered with a recently launched Part 147 school in Lakeland, Florida to offer a career training program for workers interested in pursuing a new career path in MRO. The partnership is part of Amazon’s Career Choice program, which enables […]


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